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Don and family on the water      In Real Life Don is the devoted husband of one, father of four, and grandfather of eight (actually ten if you count his two granddogs, Prissy and Little Brudder). Married to the former Joann Worley of Houston, Texas in 1956, he has spent his entire adult life in Houston except for sojourns to Texas A&M University for an education, and the University of Texas Law School to "learn a trade." Along the way he has played professional baseball, sung with the Houston Grand Opera, ridden tens of thousands of miles on a motorcycle deep into Mexico (long before motorcycles were cool), owned a motorcycle dealership, directed a church choir, and been in the bail bond business, all while managing to persuade his bride of all these years to continue to be patient with him.

     He loves children, yours as much as his own, and has a reputation around the courthouse as "that baby lawyer", which is not a reference to his tender years. In his leisure time, when not bragging about the accomplishments of his children and the precocity of his grandchildren, or participating in family activities with some or all of them, he enjoys classical music, reads anything historical, sings in his church choir, bakes bread, fancies himself a gourmet seafood cook, and spends as much time as possible on salt water, preferably fishing.

Melody and Jeff Royall     Melody spends all of her time tending and caring for families, either yours or hers. When she is not at the office helping to get your family off of the ground, she is at home caring for hers. Melody has been married for 8 years and she and her husband, Jeff, have 5 year old twins and a 3 year old son. They also enjoy parenting Panda, their 17-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback.

     Melody and Jeff share an avid affection for traveling to new places and experiencing the natural beauty that surrounds us. Prior to the arrival of their three kids they enjoyed camping, hiking, skiing, and wildlife viewing. They still enjoy these activities, although their participation has been somewhat restricted the last few years. They are eagerly awaiting the day when their kids will be old enough to enjoy some of the exciting places where they have traveled.

     Melody loves to cook and grows most of her own herbs. She loves entertaining with family and friends and making "gourmet cooking" appear to be effortless! Reading is another life long interest. In her spare time she is trying to complete a book about the trials and tribulations of infertility called From Miscarriage to Multiples: The Emotional Roller Coaster.

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