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     The Royalls' view of family law is that it is a very broad field that addresses the needs of families at all stages of life, from "the cradle to the grave" as they say. Accordingly, we offer our services not only in adoption matters, but in planning for the future of the family through the drafting of prenuptial agreements, wills, trusts and other important personal legal documents. We also handle simple estate planning, and estates and guardianships in probate. In between, we can assist in a range of services from small business formation to counsel concerning the problems of the elderly.*

     Family law also includes divorce and child custody litigation, child support enforcement and modification, and a whole host of other related and equally unfortunate disputes. Naturally, we have a depth of experience in these matters as well, but have in recent years made the decision to concentrate our energies on the more positive aspects of the family law practice, leaving the bulk of that work to others. This accumulated expertise has not gone to waste however, as Mr. Royall now devotes a major part of his time and attention to resolving such matters through the use of Collaborative Law procedures. To learn more about this intelligent new approach to family law issues visit our Collaborative Law page.

     Other than in connection with an adoption, or a paternity action, The Royalls accept new litigation clients only in a limited range of cases and under special circumstances. Nevertheless, we remain intimately involved in the broader spectrum of family law litigation issues and are willing and able to provide you with an independent, objective evaluation of your particular problem. We will assist you in finding the most appropriate way to resolve your problem, and we can help you locate the most appropriate professionals to assist you. Call us for a consultation so that you can be fully informed about what may lie ahead before you start making decisions or taking action.

*Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization except in the field of Family Law.

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